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Vuescan x64 saving unwanted PDFs ?

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  • Scanning: Vuescan x64 saving unwanted PDFs ?

    About 3 upgrades ago (now 9.4.37), and having previously set scanned images to save as .TIF files, Vuescan started offering a superfluous second option, @.pdf, to be saved to the default folder.

    Anyone know how to switch off the @.pdf option ? TIA


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    Re: Vuescan x64 saving unwanted PDFs ?

    Ed Hamrick is famous for his customer support. I suggest you ask him. Then let us know the solution
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      Re: Vuescan x64 saving unwanted PDFs ?

      Pretty much just uncheck the PDF box... (??)

      What I want to know is, where has the OCR option gone? It used to be on the same screen.
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        Re: Vuescan x64 saving unwanted PDFs ?

        Originally posted by plugsnpixels View Post
        Pretty much just uncheck the PDF box... (??)
        Many thanks (I missed the further options lower down)



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