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Premier Art Canvas: Museum vs. Photo grade

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  • Printing: Premier Art Canvas: Museum vs. Photo grade

    Does anyone have an opinion on the difference between these two series canvases by Premier Art? I have been using the museum grade (2960 series) for years. Recently, I mistakenly purchased a couple rolls of Epson Exhibition canvas and HATE it, but the whiteners gave me a better contrast ratio than the museum grade. That's when I looked into the Photo grade (2970 series) from Premier Art. It SEEMS the only difference is the OBA's. Specs-wise, all else is the same. I would think this would be better suited for digital photography and less suitable for giclee, of which I don't typically perform.

    Anyone have an opinion?

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    Re: Premier Art Canvas: Museum vs. Photo grade

    I guess if the specifications are the same then it must be down to personal preference of the 'look' of a particular image on a particular paper.

    You are already a Giclee printer as is anyone who uses an inkjet. Giclee just a 'hoity toity' name for squirting or spraying and coined by Nash editions for the high quality work they did on IRIS printers in the 80,/90's. At the time there were negative thoughts about computer generated imagery and inkjet printing. I wonder if Giclee is used in France due to connotations with the use of the word in vulgar slang


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