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  • Resource on color in the digital world

    What's a good resource (book, website) on color in the digital world?

    I'm trying to gain technical knowledge on the retouching side of things. One area I'm struggling with is digital color. For example:
    1. How does a pixel get its color?
    2. How do color models and color profiles work?
    3. What is gamma and how does it work? Is it still relevant in the digital world?
    4. How do RGB, CMYK, Lab, HSL, HSV and HSB relate to each other?
    5. Why does RGB(128, 128, 128) equal to a 54 Lightness value in Lab?
    6. What's the difference between luminance, luminosity, luma, intensity, value, brightness and lightness?
    7. I read that Photoshop's Luminosity blending mode was misnamed. Why?

    The list goes on and on.

    Wikipedia is a source of confusion, maybe I need a slightly less technical introduction. What's the best way to learn about these things?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Resource on color in the digital world

    You will find quite a lot of information that will answer many of your questions here
    Digital Dog: You have come to the right site for information on one-on-one training in: Adobe Photoshop, Color Management, Electronic Imaging, Digital Imaging. At this site you will also find articles on imaging written by Andrew Rodney (The Digital Dog) for Photo Electronic Imaging Magazine. You will also find Tips & Tricks, FAQs, other articles, how-to's, LINKS , and many other useful resources. digitaldog


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      Re: Resource on color in the digital world

      Originally posted by Tony W View Post
      You will find quite a lot of information that will answer many of your questions here
      Thanks, looks excellent! More suggestions are welcome.


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        Re: Resource on color in the digital world

        Hi mcdronkz

        Check out the tutorials from this web site:


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          Re: Resource on color in the digital world

          Photoshop's name is 'wrong' because Luminance (Luminosity) is a measure of the total radiant energy from a body. It has nothing to do with what a human perceives but rather describes the total radiant energy, such as watts/second of a source (the surface of a radiating object like a display). In Photoshop, the layer mode called luminosity is not what's occurring (I was told its something like the "Luma" which is an old TV RGB transform). If the luminance of a viewed light source is increased 10 times, viewers do not judge that the brightness has increased 10 times. Brightness is a perceptual phenomena.

          Lightness is a perceptually scaled component of color, the axis seen in Lab (Lstar) from light to dark. It IS the L in HSL.


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