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saving black and white images

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  • saving black and white images

    I have this doubt when I save black and white images.

    Original raw files are rgb. I retouch them in rgb mode because I use channels for masking and so. But when saving the final black and white image: should I keep rgb or I should save in grayscale mode?
    Is there any advantage to save them in rgb?

    This images will be for printing.

    Hope you can clarify this to me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: saving black and white images

    There are at least 10 ways to convert an image from RGB to B&W and each of them will give you a different result / look. It would be wise to keep the RGB image because at some future date you might want to take a different conversion approach. Once the RGB image is gone, so goes a lot of info that would allow you to do that.
    Cheers, Murray


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