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  • giclee prints

    In my quest to find out what print shops need to reproduce high quality enlargements from cd's I came across something called a giclee print using an iris process. Has anyone seen one? I'm attaching an url that gives some information that they want for a transfer.

    Also I think I erred on on earlier post when I mentioned that the local print shop wanted the cmyk mode. I think they must have said rgb and that they convert to the cmyk.

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    Hi Paulette,

    No I never heard of the giclee print. I will have to check out that site as this is something new to me.

    Also I am not so sure I would like to have my photos printed with a process that changes to CMYK because the color range is smaller. Alot of your vivid reds won't be reproduced correctly.


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      What's the difference between giclee and glicee?
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