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  • Your Contact Sheet Recommendations

    What is your contact sheet workflow?
    Do you use special software (special being anything besides Photoshop)?
    Do you print your contact sheets on paper, process them to PDF, HTML, Flash, some other delivery method?
    What metadata or other information do you include?
    What else do you think is important for contact sheets?
    Can you attach a sample page from one of your typical contact sheets?
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    Re: Your Contact Sheet Recommendations

    I create contact sheet PDF's using Adobe Lightroom. I've found my clients like being able to look at images online and pass the PDF's to family and friends. All images are dated and numbered (YYYYMMDD_nnnn) and match the images on their private online gallery.

    There is no metadata save copyright on the PDF and its low enough res that a 4x6 print would look pretty bad. Looks great onscreen though.


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