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Color Management Equipments required

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  • Color Management Equipments required

    Can someone suggest me the equipments I would need to have proper color management integrated into my work which is as follows -

    I am a packaging designer that involved product photography , retouching and design the whole package , proofing it and then getting it printed in the press ?

    What are the minimum color management equipments (the monitor, the calibration devices and profile creators and others if required) so that I able to have consistent colors across all my devices.

    The only condition is that it should be in as minimum budget as possible but still something you can completely rely on. I have explored a few but do provide me your recommendation

    Calibration Device and ICC Profile Creator - XRite Colormunki Display or i1 Display Pro

    Monitor : Dell U Series with IPS (Eizo and other calibrated ones are very expensive)

    Will this suffice and are reliable ?

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    Re: Color Management Equipments required

    NEC is much cheaper then EIZO, and can work just as well. Display pro is good, munki only works with one device at the time I believe.

    As for proof by print... that is much more complex. But, let's say an Epson Stylus Pro's are good, 9000 I see all over.


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      Re: Color Management Equipments required

      Ideally you should be looking for a monitor with hardware calibration. The Dell U2413 and U2713 have this facility. But be aware that for hardware calibration they have specific needs i.e. X- Rite Display Pro and you must use Dells calibration software not the X Rite - at least if you want to hardware calibrate

      Instead I would seriously consider the Eizo CS240 an entry level monitor at a great price for Eizo quality that comes with Color Navigator software and would also go for the X - Rite i1 Display Pro

      For printing you may want to look at the new Epson P800 or P600 depending on how large you need to print or the Canon A2 or A3 sized printers


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        Re: Color Management Equipments required

        Originally posted by manishbjain View Post
        I am a packaging designer that involved product photography , retouching and design the whole package , proofing it and then getting it printed in the press ?
        If by "Press" you mean an analog offset or digital offset press, then this gets more complicated.

        If you have access to the press you will need to profile the press to create a printer profile - every press is different - and because of that you will need profile creation software like Print Open.

        IF you don't have access to the press, then you will want to ask the press company for their printer profile, or what profile they recommend you use (SWOP v2, GRACol, FOGRA, Euroscale, Japan Color, etc.).

        NEC SpectraView monitors are not that expensive and do a great job.


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