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  • Printing: image is larger than print area?/


    Fairly new to printing my own as I usually use a lab so i created a new document 8x10 then cut and pasted my image onto that page. when I go to print, i get the message about print to big. (see attached file) when I print anyhow, the margins (white area around photo I created in CC) comes out uneven although it is dead center in CC.
    any help is truly appreciated

    paper size in printer set up is also 8x10

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    Re: image is larger than print area?/

    I'm not sure if your pasted image has a white border as part of the whole image but if it does, that part is probably overlapping or too close to 8x10 so the printer is alerting you to that......if that is the case lessen the white border by about 1 or 2 inches.


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      Re: image is larger than print area?/

      What you describe seems to be normal behaviour for many printers. There is generally a maximum printable size which will always lead to uneven borders particularly at the bottom which on most printers will be deeper than the top margin regardless of software centring.

      If your printer offers it borderless may be an option or if you need an even white border resize image area to be less than the maximum printed size.

      Have a look at Canon notes for your printer


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        Re: image is larger than print area?/

        thanks. checking borderless on the printer fixed the issue. Appreciate the info.