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  • Colour Inconsistant

    I have used PS 3 and now PS CC 2018 with Breeze Browser as the image viewer for many years. The colour has been consistant between PS and BB.
    it is not now and I haven't been able to find what has changed

    Images are sRGB and PS working space is set to sRGB. PS shows the correct profile. Monitor is a Dell 2407WHFP, identified as wide gamut. I upgraded from a Spyder 3 earlier this year, was disgusted with the software and switched to DisplayCal.

    I heard criticism of BB colour management so have installed Irfanview, XnViewMP and Faststone Viewer. All have CM enabled where possible.

    The source images look the same in each viewer but are more saturated/contrasty than when displayed in PS.

    The only clue I can see is that if, after opening an image in PS I view the results of assign profile with Adobe RGB selected. PS then appears to match the viewers exactly.

    I have reinstalled PS CC and reset the properties numerous times. I have just reinstalled Win 10 which removed the DisplayCal profile and installed the default monitor profile. The difference still exists and that seem to exonerate DisplayCal.

    It is obviously a problem unique to my PC. It and all the software I have used is up to date. DISM and SFC show no errors.

    So HELP please. Can anyone with a vaguely similar set up confirm that they see or don't see this problem.

    And yes, I am desperate.


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    Re: Colour Inconsistant

    BB may not be color managed, Photoshop certainly is. Color managed applications should match each other exactly (if correctly configured). So either BB really isn't color managed or isn't setup correctly. Using sRGB alone is NOT the solution! Without color management, sRGB is a meaningless concept.

    sRGB urban legend & myths Part 2

    In this 17 minute video, I'll discuss some more sRGB misinformation and cover:
    When to use sRGB and what to expect on the web and mobile devices
    How sRGB doesn't insure a visual match without color management, how to check
    The downsides of an all sRGB workflow
    sRGB's color gamut vs. "professional" output devices
    The future of sRGB and wide gamut display technology
    Photo print labs that demand sRGB for output

    High resolution:
    Low resolution on YouTube:


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      Re: Colour Inconsistant

      Thanks Andrew,

      I need to watch it again this evening, there is a lot to take in.

      I rarely print so being able to edit in PS and be (reasonably) sure that the result in a viewer or on the web will be similar would help. I am a hobbyist, not a pro.

      I understood that XnviewMP, Faststone and Irfanview are or can be set for color management but have no idea to what extent. Any experience?



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