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    What print sizes above 8x10 inches are your most popular for your clients (or more practical for that matter)?

    I want to invest in some paper, but I don't want to invest a FORTUNE into paper just yet.



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    11 X 14 seems to be popular for my clients if they want a large photo.

    I can print up to 13 X 19 but the largest standard frame size I can print is 11 X 14 so that seems to be what customers want. If it goes larger than that I have to outsource it and that usually jacks up the price more than they want to pay for a 16 X 20.


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      Thanks DJ!

      I figure that 11x14 would be the most popular because of the framing issue.


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        Yes it seems to be becasue people don't want to shell out large bucks for custom framing for irregular sizes. I know I wouldn't.

        Oh and don't forget to count the unprintable area (margins) when calculating the size paper to get. If you get 11 X 14 paper you will have a smaller finished print than you want. A3 is a good size to get for 11 X 14. It's dimensions are 11.7 X 16.5 or 297 mm X 420 mm. Just a little note to keep in mind. Check your printer for the exact margin measurments on prints.


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          Thanks DJ,

          Have you ever had a request (or need) for the 13x19 paper? It seems to be the only size up from letter size for most Epson media.




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            You're welcome Eric. No I haven't had any request for that size. The pack of paper I have in that size is water color paper for the Epson printer I have and it came with my printer. I haven't had a need to order that size in photo papers. I guess they sent it so I could see what the watercolor paper was like and also utilize the largest setting of my printer paper size. I use it more for personal projects than customer prints.


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              Have you tried any photo art prints using the watercolor paper? I have seen a print sample that came with the 2200 and it looked wonderful.


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                I printed a characature drawing on it and I loved the look of the paper. It looked better than the original drawing. It has a nice matte texture that gives photo art a real nice look.


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