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  • Kodak Paper

    I got some Kodak inkjet glossy photo paper for Christmas and decided to use some in my Epson 1270 printer. I thought for a minute the printer had some strange disease until I substituted some of my older Epson inkjet photopaper.

    The Kodak paper made the images look like there were minute cracks in them. The images printed on Epson paper were perfect.

    Looks like I need to buy some more Epson paper...

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    Hi Gland, I have heard that Kodak papers are not compatible with the Epson Inkjets. I haven't tried it myself but I have read many posts on the DPreview site about the problems you describe.

    The paper I use most with my Epson 870 is the Office Depot Premium Glossy paper. You can usually find it on sale most times for a good price. Of course the best paper for longivity will be the expensive Epson Colorlife paper.


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      Just an observation from a friend of mine about Epson and HP paper. He bought an Epson 820 (I think) and could not get good results using different HP papers. I suggested that he might try another brand of paper to see what it did. After contacting Epson support he was told that he could only get the photographic results using Epson paper! I guess it can make a great difference in some instances which paper you use! I use a Canon 3000 and have not had any problems with Kodak paper. I haven't tried HP paper in it yet.



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        I find with my Epson 2000P I can't use any other paper than Epson or the results will be terrible. I get white lines on the paper which look like the ink can't dry enough before the rollers move it along and the ink is taken off by the rollers. I've tried the Kodak paper in my other printer (Epson 760) and the results were less than impressive there too.


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          I have an Epson785epx and use Kodak Paper with good results. The paper I use is the Ultima paper - 71lb high gloss 4 x 6 and for the 8 x 10 I use the same but in satin. It is a six color printer and I print at 1440 dpi if that matters. Hummm... interesting.


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            I have an Epson 1280 and just printed out some photos on Kodak's Ultima Picture Paper. I also had to print at 1440 dpi to get the ink to cover the entrie image without gaps.



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              Hi Folks,

              I'm new here and probably the only one using a Canon printer. But i'll pitch in anyway. After 15 years of Epsons and 20 minutes of bad support, i figured I'd try the Canon as my proof printer.

              I do a lot of digital photography and use Kodak premium for proofs. I get it at costco for $25/100 sheets. It works very well... far better than the Canon stuff and is cheaper. For better prints I use the Kodak Ultima and am very pleased with the results.

              A real surprise tho was a pack of jet print portrait studio satin that a friend gave me. I printed some protrait proofs on it was it was stunning! the coverage, tones and consistancy was even better than the Kodak.

              Another big surprise was the ink usage.... over 100 8 x 10 prints per color cart and i have over 500 on the black so far. I'm liking life far better tahn with the epson.

              Anyway, that's my two cents worth. I'll now duck all the wadded up paper being thrown my way!

              Digital Photgraphy


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                Welcome to RetouchPro RWS... 100 8x10 prints on one cartridge is pretty good! Canon makes excellent printers and they seem a little more forgiving when it comes to media. The rule of thumb with Epson (especially the pigment based inks) seems to be to stick with their paper.


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                  Let me add my welcome too, and thanks for jumping in with such an insightful, if not inciteful post.

                  A little off-topic here, but why not?...

                  Had you not encountered the not-so-good Epson support, would you have (eventually) upgraded to another Epson printer someday? If so, which one?

                  Which Epson printers have you had? What problem was poorly or unresolved by Epson (non) Support?

                  Sounds like you're a happy Canon customer now. How would you compare the Canon output quality with Epson? As good as or better? What Canon model? Mostly 8x10 or larger?

                  How would you characterize your output: Mostly color? BW? Portraits? Scenery? Photo-art?

                  Reason I ask:
                  My couple-of-generations-old HP832C is going to printer heaven one of these days and I've always been intrigued by the Canon separate cartridge model.

                  TIA... Again, welcome aboard.


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                    Canon VS. Epson (my opinion)

                    Hi Danny,

                    Thanks for the welcome!

                    My use for the printer is only for proofs for editing and talking points for my clients. They range from fine art, portrait and activity shots both color and b/w.

                    My previous experience with Epson's 1200 series printer and a few others was constant cleaning and ink replacement, non-uniform ink coverage and expensive (epson only ink and paper).

                    I bought a cheap Canon i850 for an urgent fill in and was totally impressed. Not only is the operating cost less, but I can use a variety of paper. When compared with my friends epson, the same file looked better on the Canon.... but that was personal taste.

                    Again, this is mostly for proofs before sending stuff off to labs for printing or to publishers. However, lots of clients have actually bought and framed some of these "proofs" so we'll see what the longevity is.

                    Hope this helps...... and again, just my humble opinion......



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                      Canon i9100

                      Well this is my first post, but i just recently bought the canon i9100 printer and it is awesome, i work in the pre-press department at a press shop in california and we have the AGFA Grand Sherpa 50 and the prints are very comparable, i am new to the industry, i showed several samples of prints i did with canon photo paper and also Agfa proof paper designed for the Grand Sherpa to several people who have been in the printing business for almost their whole life and they were impressed with the prints. Thats a another point for canon i think!!


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                        Welcome GetOf...

                        Glad to hear you like the i9100. Here's another thread of you might find interesting comparing it to the newest Epson honker.



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                          I'm another ex-Epson user. The printer was just too finicky for me. Even though it was still working, I bought an HP. I love the HP. It's so hassle free it's unbelievable. The color is a right on match to my screen, and I can use other papers (I also found JetPrint to deliver stunning results, but it's a bit expensive).


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                            I have an HP Photosmart and used some Kodak paper with little success. I use HP Premium Glossy exclusively with great results.


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                              I just purchased a new Canon i960. I got real tired of cleaning print heads before I printed anything with my Epson 1270. I'll see how the Canon performs with various papers.


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