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  • Novelty Templates or Papers

    My kids brought home class pictures from school that were printed on stickers, keychains, magnets and baseball cards. I have also seen magazine covers with your photo inserted.

    I did a search on the web for these items and came up with zero. I have a few templates in various programs, but nothing that looks really professional. I would like to use these items for fundraisers: school-church-etc.

    Does anyone know where I can get these products?


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    I'm not sure of any templates you can buy in a store for that sort of thing but there are several services that make items like that...a quick serch came up with . It looks like they can print photos to t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc...

    You can also try local sign shops or screenprinters. Many of them will have printers in house that can create stickers and magnets or they should also be able to order some of the other items like key chains. You will probably get a much better price, especially if you are ordering in bulk, than if you try to make the items yourself.


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      novelty items

      Both at local tech stores here in so cal you can purchase speciality papers, that are magnets, transfers for clothing and stickers etc. The stores are Fry's and Micro Center and even Office something has stuff like that. staples too.
      As for the magazines most people I know have scanned a magazine and replaced wording and photos with their own using photoshop. I don't know about the trading cards, would have to research that one.
      Over all I would think you could just check out some different stores that carry paper for printers, that seems to be where you can find the stuff here.


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        specialty papers

        Thanks for that info. I'll try and locate the stores you mentioned on the web....Gregory


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