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  • What Paper?

    What kind of paper do you like to use to print your digital art? I don't mean photo's.


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    I used to get Giclee prints done on Arches 140lb hot pressed watercolor paper as well as on Summerset Velvet...but I have recently been doing a lot of my own printing on an Epson 2000p and have only used Epson Enhanced Matte and Epson Watercolor papers. I have been very pleased with the results. (I lucked out in that my prints have looked very close to the screen image right out of the box.) I do intend to experiment with some other papers in the any recommendations?


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      I have used Somerset Velvet Enhanced matt, which is the same paper Epson sells. I have used Red River Aurora Art and LuxArt papers which are very nice but require a straight paper path. I really like the Epson Enhanced Matt but will not sell it now because it is not archival rated anymore because it will yellow after about 25 years.

      Epson has a new matt paper that they just released, "Smooth Matt" which is supposed to be a much better matt paper and also archival.


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        Kevin - I did not know about the new matte paper or the archival problems with the enhanced matte...any idea where I can order some of this new paper?


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          I'm with Greg - I hadn't heard the info on Epson's matte paper before. Can you provide a reference Kevin? (Not that I don't believe you, it's just that I like details. )



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            Hey Guys, The article on the Enhanced Matt ( it used to be called Archive Matt) is here

            The name change was my first hint that something was wrong. After discovering the paper would yellow at an estimated 30 years Epson changed the name to Enhanced Matt since it was no longer considered Archival.

            Greg the article on the "Ultra Smooth" paper is here:

            This paper looks good, I just don't know when we will get out hands on some. The release date has been pushed out to June or July now.


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              Thanks Kevin! I had a feeling InkJetArt had something on it, just didn't know where to find it.



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                Wow - that UltraSmooth paper looks great from the description! Bummer that it's taking so long to be released!



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