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  • ocr scanner help

    HI Well i am trying to learn how to operate my scanner now. So how do i scan those prints that are in the newspaper so that when i scan it the image whether black or white will still be a good image to edit in photoshop.
    What could be a good ocr to use for my scanner i mean textbridge can't work with my scanner what am i doing wrong?

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    garfield - I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do...are you trying to scan the text of a newspaper so that you can edit it, or scan an image from the newspaper and remove the halftone screen? If you are trying to scan images, there is a good thread here that might help you out with the steps you need to take to descreen an image. Hope that helps...


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      both scan the text of a newspaper and an image from a newspaper. in scanning the text in the newspaper do i use ocr or normal scan it


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        While everyone else is asleep, I'll see if I can help a bit, Garfield.

        The OCR function is to copy text off a scanned form to put in your word processing program so that you can reprint the text in another way, or can use search tools (Find and Replace, etc.) on the words in the text. I do this when I want to copy the INFORMATION in a newspaper story for my own personal use.

        When I am copying a newspaper story with a photo that I want to keep as a memento or to save a digital copy of that news article as it looked when printed -- with or without a photo, I do not use OCR. I use Photoshop's import function and copy it into Photoshop.

        Hope this helps until some of the other folks wake up.


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          Possibly the newer software is better but the last time I tried OCR I had so many errors I wound up re-typing the whole thing myself.

          I use the same method CJ does..


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            Thanks for any help.
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