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    With all the great help available I am having a problem. I'm thinking there is a simple solution others are using. After reading an answer to a thread how are people marking them so as to return to them later. I realise there is an archive but how are you getting back to a subject w/o going though all the articles.


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    Just cut and paste into a document, print the thread if you want the full story.


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      At the bottom of each thread you will see a line that says "recieve updates to this thread". Click on it and that should automatically generate e-mails to you every time someone posts something new in that thread. Also check your user profile settings
      At the top of the page next to the RetouchPro you will see User CP click on it. Then click on Edit Options Under edit options page there is a catagory called Message Notification. Make sure you have YES checked for the one that allows Bulliten Board, Administrators and Moderators to send you e-mail notices. That makes sure you get e-mail notice when anyone posts on threads you have started or answered. Also look at the catagory called "Thread Views". For Default thread views make sure your have "Show all threads" in the drop down box. That should help you keep up on all the threads. Also when you log into the main forum page each time, at the top left you can click on show all new threads and that will show you the newest threads that have been started or answered that day. Hope that all helps.


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        thanks all!! Its a rainy day so I guess I'll start cutting and pasting.


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          You can also mark any thread as a bookmark in your browser. Make sure you give it a sensible name when you do this.

          As long as I (or a moderator) don't move it somewhere else (rare) you should be able to come back anytime you want.
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            again thanks I'll try all the above.