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  • New Toy Alert!!

    Hi Gang,
    OK, I got a new mouse. We used to have a Memorex ball mouse but it didn't come with a driver for Win 2000 so it wasn't always cooperative. We decided to get a new mouse and some of the recent threads on mice really helped me make that decision. I ended up getting the IBM Optical Navigator. (Cord not battery) It is real nice so far and I like the curved design to fit our hand. Plus it has 3 buttons and a scroller wheel. It's my first experience with the optical mouse and I am thrilled with it's easy use. I especially like the pretty blue light in the scroller. Anyway I want to thank you all for your responses to my earlier mouse thread and other mouse threads so I could find the right one. So far I would recomend this one for feel and ease of use. Sure beats cleaning out the ball compartment.

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    Well I'm feeling left out guess I'll have to run out and buy a new toy too...LOL.

    Glad you like your mouse DJ..I'm still using my logitech cordless and love it.


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      I was going to go for the cordless but got discouraged when Doug said he had one and was replacing the batteries too often for a costly expense. So then I thought about adding a Wacom 4D mouse to my tablet because it is batteryless but I heard alot of members who claim that one is not convient to use. So I went with the basic cord mouse. So far the cord isn't getting in my way like our other one did. How is yours doing power wise? Are you having to keep replacing batteries often?


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        Mornin' Debbie,

        That blue light had to be the deciding factor. Thanks for the report. I've been really lucky with my original mouse. It is a Microsoft for Gateway 2000, I've had it for at least 2 years, and I've never had to clean it. No, it's not because my area is spotless.



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          HI DJ,

          I bought my mouse in march and if I'm not mistaken I've replaced the batteries twice...takes 2 AAA batteries.


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            No I wouldn't think anyone who chose a pig for an avatar had a spotless work area. Oh, the glowing blue wheel was a total surprise. Didn't even know about it til we got it up and running. Dave takes one look at it and says "Oh yeah, that's a cancer causer there."
            My next new toy will be a scanner since my old one is acting up on me.


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              When I still had my ball mouse I had a cowcatcher device on the front to push dust and spiders out of the way.


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                Spiders??? Boy Chris you must work in one of those old castle dungeons. Are you sure that castle picture you took wasn't your house? Love the cowcatcher idea though.


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                  Of course, all Englishmen in the north have to live in castles in case of raids across the border by the Scot's.

                  As regards spiders I've two monsters live in my office I think they like the warmth. Every evening around 23.00 they emerge and wander around the walls on patrol. I don't think they're partners as female spiders tend to snack on the males rather like humans !

                  Good luck with the 'optical navigator' mine only has a red light.


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                    Called into a computer store today and what should I see but a cordless optical mouse (Logitech) Claimed that a line of sight connection twixt mouse and computer not required(range 6') Exercised iron self control and left the store.


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                      That's exercising supreme control. They would have had to haul me out kicking and screaming. I love getting new tech toys.


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                        just a tip DJ, My desktop is a big piece of mahogany rescued from a building years ago. The optical mouse would work ok on it but didnt fancy grinding the finish off the wood with the mouse. At the time couldn't find the mousemat so pressed into use one of those cutting mats that artists use.(if the craft knife cuts them they heal up) Vast improvement over a normal mousemat slippier somehow. You can get them for little money in small sizes.

                        Here endeth the lesson !!!


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                          We don't have any fancy wood desk so it's ok to use the mouse with out anything under it. We have the big formica computer tables made from authentic particle board. Not real fancy but I don't have to worry about harming it. But thanks for the tip if we should ever find ourselves owning a fine peice of wood furniture, it will be something to keep in mind.


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                            Alas its only the top thats mahogany ! it too is held up by two chests of drawers hand crafted in particle board !


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