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  • scanjet problem

    I've got an hpscanjet 5470c that's starting to act wacky. The first hundred scans worked great but recently I've started to get scans with extreme cyan OR magenta tint plus a moire pattern. Then it will work fine for awhile only to start turning out slightly magenta scans.

    I can't find anything about this problem on hp's website. Anyone else experience this?

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    hp problem

    first go to there site and see if there is an update to the firmware for your scanner. install it if there is one.
    if the pictures still suck, call tech support and tell them the problem
    I have an older scanjet 5400c and it was acting up.
    I called them and there is a reset for the scanner that is not in the instructions or on the net.
    they were very friendly and have instruction that were easy to follow.
    if this does not work bring it back.

    hope this helps
    let us know if it does

    One more important thing...all scanners have an inheritant red or megenta cast. some scanners it is hard to tell without correction and others it is very strong in some photographs.