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  • print size/orientation

    I have a large group photo (about 40 people) where the group is oriented along the 10" width and the height of photo is 8".
    I took my CD to WalMart for a print on their Fuji Frontier and the result was a chopped photo because it printed the group oriented along the 8" dimension. In other words the photo neede to be rotated on the paper. The technician says he cannot do this . So I could try reversing my height and width which makes no sense to me.
    When I print this photo on my home epson printer ( the paper goes in vertical) it prints the correct orientation.
    Have I left out something I need to tell Wal Mart??
    I've had 4x6 photos printed there some in one direction and some in the other without any problem./

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    Wow Cinderella, I can't believe that this person did this to you. Your thinking is right, he must not know what he is doing. I would bring it back and complain to someone higher than this guy. You shouldn't have had to pay for that print.


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      I agree with Kevin. The technician should be able to rotate the image to fit correctly on the paper - and you should not have to pay for that print.

      That said, if you have to work with this guy in the future, try rotating your image 90 degrees so that it is in the orientation needed to print correctly. Don't crop or resize the image, just rotate it.



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