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  • Calibration: Same image, different monitor/screen

    Hi guys! This problem has always been a difficult one for me. I work as a photo retoucher and video grader and today I encountered a problem that I have encountered a million times before.
    I was working on a couple of photos for a while and when I was done, I figured I might see how it looks on a Macbook Pro. As the MBP is not calibrated, I of course got another result. I did the same thing on my iPhone. Again, different result.
    So I guess my question is; What would you guys do in this case?
    I have always been that guy who insist on viewing photos on a good monitor, but nowadays, retouchers work as much for photos that will be viewed on Instagram as on a billboard and an iPhone and a print is two extremely different things.
    I feel like in this day and age, most of my agency clients work on iMacs or laptops, so why should I work on my Eizo? They always request changes in color, and that makes total sense, as they are on monitors that are completely different to what I work on.

    So to be clear: What would you do if you had a photo that you know is going to be on Instagram as well as a billboard on a metro station?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you own an Eizo, there's your answer right there. But you could get a USB calibrator and use it on the MacBook. It's better than nothing.

    Your final question came up several times in the RP LIVE shows I did a few years back. The answer was invariably: do everything at the highest rez your machine can comfortably handle. You can always downrez should the client need it or if they ask for changes (more income, yay!). The reverse is rarely true.
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      I might have formulated my original post weirdly, but I know very well how to calibrate and get correct colors on my monitors. My point is that that "correct" calibration is such a relative term. Smartphones are mainly the screen where people look at photos nowadays and I don't expect the world to calibrate their phones after my settings
      Do you guys calibrate for print or screens? My monitor have three custom calibration alternatives, so I have calibrated one for different brightness and colors, based on how things look on my iPhone and MBP as well as a regular 80/100/120cd 6500K setting.


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        From Apple: "The default color space on iOS is Standard RGB (sRGB)" Many more details about premium screens at the link.

        But I'd never work in the destination calibration. I'd work in AdobeRGB (or whatever newer profile your monitor supports), then only export as sRGB. Some of the export options are subjective, so try them individually on the destination device to find what suits you.

        I apologize if I'm telling you things you've known for years.
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