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Scanning old slides.

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  • Scanning old slides.

    I'm scanning 127 square slides on an Epson 700 while I'm getting ready to start digitizing with a camera. According to Epson's instructions the shinny side should be down. After I scan should I then flip horizontal in Photoshop so as not to be backwards?

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    Shiny side down should result in correct scan orientation. For me imagining it is a tiny print to be scanned helps me remember (so you'd want the print side down).

    This might help
    In less than a second, I know which side of the slide or negative to scan-- so the digital images don't turn out inside out, and backwards. How? I'll show you a quick way to determine what is the correct way to place your slide or negative film in your...
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      Thank you for your response. By the way, after all these years I still love your icon!!! Finding the positive side of a 35mm slide is a piece of cake. The older 127 slides are a different story. Very difficult. I have read much of Konrad's tips. However even in this article he doesn't state if all slides positive side down need to be reversed to be in the correct viewing side before bringing into LR or PS. It seems to me when the positive side is down on the 127 slides and the Kodak blue logo is showing the scans come out backwards which means the image is reversed and needs to be flipped. However I don't have and slides with writing or other means to check this out. These are landscape slides from earlier times for a historical society so I'd like to get them correct. As there is no money involved (surprise! small historical societies don't have much of a budget!) I would like to get this correct the first time and not have to do more work on them. Thanks for any help! Bob


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        Seems like if you're holding the slide up to your eye and it is backwards, that is the way to lay it on the scanner.
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          Guess I'll just go with the shiny side down and flip them. Thank you.


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