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  • Small Photo. Large Printout

    I have some 4"x 6" photos that I want to print as a 8.5"x 11".

    I have tried resizing the photo in Photoshop, however, even though it resized it to 8.5 x 11 it still will only print it as a 4 x 6 photo.

    Is there any way that I can resize the photo so that it will print out as 8.5"x 11"?

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    Can you tell us a little more about your process? System, printer, etc.

    If you resize the image itself but it still prints small, it is possible that the printer driver is set to print at 4x6. If you are using an Epson printer, click on the "paper" tab to make sure the printer knows how large your paper is. Other printers should have similar controls.

    Hope this helps



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      I just tried what you recommended and that solved the problem.

      Thank you.


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        Great, glad to hear it


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