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  • Coffee Table style "digi-books"

    Since purchasing my Apple i-mac many moons ago, I have been desperately trying to find ANYONE who will produce the books that iphoto creates for you, but will not deliver to anyone outside of the US or Canada.
    This is infuriating to those people that would love to create books with all the digital photos that they have stored up, and I have only found one publisher, namely who comes anywhere near to recreating this in the UK.
    Still, mypublisher is in the US, and is charged US$, and it sent from the US.
    Does anyone know of anyone in the UK who does this ?
    There must be someone who does this, as we have recently paid for a photographer to photograph our wedding, and part of his service is to print just the book we have been eager to produce with our personal photos.
    Our photographer however, does not want to divulge his secrets and tell us who does them for him.
    I have searched the internet using digital printing, digital books, and every other combination of search words, but have yet to find anyone who does this.
    I am hoping someone on this forum may know someone who does it, and does not mind putting business their way.
    Thanks in advance

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    I've also looked into this last year...

    The people who do the wedding books (if it's the ones I think you mean) are Glorious Books.

    When I checked them out at the end of last year they only worked with professional photographers, but as I was double-checking the address for you I noticed they now say
    If you have not been involved with a professional photographer but you'd like to make a Glorious Book of your own family pictures that you have had handed down to you or taken yourself [...] do contact us to talk about it.
    I seem to remember that I managed to find a post somewhere from a professional photographer who implied that Glorious Books charged somewhere in the low four figures for the books, but I can't find a source for that now.

    Another option in what I suspect is a similar price range is
    Xlibris - they are designed for self-publishing (veering towards vanity publishing) but offer a "picture book" format that sounds as though it would be suitable for coffee-table photography books.

    At the other end of the price spectrum, you know about already... They now have an intriguing link that implies they have a European base of operations in London, but no idea how that works - whether you can now get the books printed in and sent from the UK automatically if you order from the UK, or what (the "MyPublisher Europe toll free number" is a US number, so it doesn't look entirely Eurocentric as yet )

    A bit cheaper still are Shutterfly's Snapbooks, which are spiral-bound and not really "coffee table" - plus they are also in the US.

    I would have thought that anyone who offered a product pitched somewhere between mypublisher and Glorious Books (or even, as you say, a mypublisher - like service based in Europe) would make a killing, but there doesn't seem to be anyone doing it. I did manage to find several references to a company who apparently did once do it (with comments about what a wonderful job they did, what great value it was, etc.), but when following up the links they appeared to have been a casualty of the dot com crash and gone out of business (and can I remember what they were called or refind those references? Can I heck as like).

    My eventual conclusion was that finding a helpful printer and bookbinder would probably be the best option, but that at the time I just didn't have the time and energy to go down that route.

    I would be interested in any other alternatives you manage to find.
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      Dont let the guise of "professional photographer" scare you. Many labs and printers are now accepting work from anyone to correct for so many professionals printing their work themselves. I know this from experience. Really all you have to do is contact them. My company takes work from anyone who can find us, even though we are a professional lab.

      Good luck.

      Thanks for the great info Leah!


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        Oooh! Oooh! I have found a company that does bound coffee-table style books! I haven't used them myself (yet) but they were recommended on another site by someone who had.

        They are an authorised reseller for the actual manufactureer, Bound2Remember, whose site you can browse at


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          Wow! Just what I've been looking for but didn't have the sense to ask.

          Thanks for the links.


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            We will ship books anywhere!

            This is Melissa from Scrapbook Books. We will ship your books anywhere in the world, you just have to pay for the international shipping. Come check us out!

            ScrapbookBooks is no longer associated with Bound2Remember. We create all of our books in house. We are the only ones in the industry that guarantee photo quality prints in your books.
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