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    I was wondering if any of you use some type of protective covering on your scanner when it's not in use. Mine is usually covered with a plastic bag to keep dust at bay. Does this sound like a good idea, or do you think it's not necessary?


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    I have a plastic dust protector on my scanner that I bought at a computer store, but a plastic bag is probably just as good. I highly recommend a cover for your scanner as it helps to keep the scanner surface as free of debris as possible. Scanners work much better (and last longer) if you keep them free of dust. Like any high-resolution scanner, dust in your environment can be a problem. Dust and fingerprints are major contributors to spots, distortions and streaks that appear in scanned images. Devices such as scanners and printers can be covered most of the time and uncovered for use. If you use plastic to cover your devices, make sure that (1) your device does not give off a lot of heat, as plastic will hold in the heat and (2) that you don't seal the device completely in plastic, as you can have moisture problems in some environments. As I said, I use a dust protector on my scanner, but I also leave it off unless I am using it.

    To clean the scanner, apply glass cleaner to a lint-free cloth and apply the cloth to the glass until all lint and dust have been removed. Note: Never spray cleaner directly on or in the scanner as it may penetrate the seams around the glass.

    Hope this helps,



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      I don't but it sounds like good advice.


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        Thanks for the tip T. Although I keep my scanner covered, I really never thought about the printer. Good advise!!



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          For as long as you can get away with it use a blower to get dust etc off the glass as it doesn't build up a static charge on the surface. Of course eventually you'll get residue from material placed on the screen. Make sure the cleaner you use is anti static or you'll compund the problem. Some printers seem designed to catch dust, my HP 5L has the input and output trays placed near vertical luckily its only used for document printing.


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