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[Definition] ICC/ICM Profiles

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  • [Definition] ICC/ICM Profiles

    I am a bit confused about these.

    Recently bought a new monitor Samsung SyncMaster 153v. I have used the CD to set up my Samsung.icm file... using a program called Natural color.

    Also I set up my adobe gamma as per instructions in Hidden Tools book. I got from Samsung two sets of specs. One from US and one from Korea[?] both different.

    I presently used the US set. its an icc file

    When I open computer what am I seeing the icm /or icc

    Really confused...can someone clear this up??


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    From a websearch:

    "ICC VERSUS ICM PROFILES ICC designates International Color Consortium profiles used with the Macintosh operating system. ICM designates Integrated Color Management profiles used with the Windows operating system. ICC and ICM profiles are interchangeable (cross platform) between either operating system. The only difference is that, if an ICC profile is going to be used with the Windows operating system, it must have a file extension of.ICM."
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