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epson paper with canon printer?

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  • epson paper with canon printer?

    Hi all. Does anyone have any experience using epson photo papers, specialty papers, 13x19 papers, etc, in a canon printer? more specifically, i've got a new canon i9100 and I'd like to use the oversized epson papers because they are easily available to me. Any info you might have before I shell out the money would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    I've used standard Epson Gloss 8.5 x 11 with my i9100 and like the results. I haven't tried the Canon paper. Seems to be a special order in Canada. If your work is critical, you're best to do a side by side analysis of both papers but as I said, Epson works for me.



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      I've used some Epson Matte paper in my Canon i960. Works great..


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        I've not used a Canon photo printer but I think you should get acceptable if not very good results from Epson papers. As long as the ink dries before hitting the rollers and you work out a good method for getting a good looking print, It seems the Epson papers would be as good as any.

        It's a problem, however, when you need to MATCH colors with an original on different media. That's where color management comes in. It's funky to figure out at first but once you have a profile for a particular ink and paper combo, matching gets much easier.

        We use an Epson printer with a continuous flow ink kit that allows us to siphon ink from bottles instead of using cartridges. Epson doesn't sell bulk ink but the continuous ink kit manufacturer, Media Street, does. They have an ink formula that is supposed to match Epson's Ultrachrome inkset and I guess it actually does because we use Media Street inks on Epson Paper using Epson's factory furnished color profiles and we get excellent, predicatable, somewhat transferrable results... plus we can kind of proof on the monitor with the PS soft proofing feature.

        I don't see any reason why Canon's ink would be so dramatically different as to not work on Epson Paper. Keep in mind Epson has a huge variety of paper and it's engineered to work with certain ink sets so different papers will behave differently with your setup... I guess that actually goes for pretty much any paper you use.


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          How about Epson Watercolor paper in a Canon i9xxx?


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            Just to let you all know, i went out and bought a pack of Epson Matte Paper Heavyweight, and my prints really look GREAT!! don't know what I was waitin' for... i dare say that I think i'm liking this Epson paper better than the canon matte paper i've been using for the past few years... I'll keep you all posted on how the watercolor papers, oversized, etc. work, as I slowly try them...


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              That's my favorite paper, too.
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                epson paper on canon

                you can use the epson paper on canon printer with good results, the only thing is that the driver will not have the paper data and colors may be wrong, so you'll have to do a custom profile for this new couple printer / paper to have a good color accuracy...

                christophe metairie


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                  Canon i960

                  I just purchased a Canon i960 and have found that using any other brand of gloss paper results in terrible bleeding. Canon gloss papers seem pretty well profiled right out of the box. Other matte papers are not as bad as other gloss papers. The problem is that I want to print some two sided gloss brochures at home to advertise my work and Canon doesn't make this type of paper. HP's double sided flyer paper makes a huge mess with this printer.
                  Does anyone else know of a gloss paper that works with this printer without a ton of tweaking? Or are there some more settings I should be trying besides the different paper choices? Thanks!


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