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  • cardstock help!!

    I've been trying to get a small customized greeting card business going but have been up against a bit of an obstacle: Does any decent cardstock exist out there for printing (inkjet) one's own art, to make greeting cards? i have invested a small fortune at this point, trying notecard size (too small, generally), half-folds (too thin and amateurish, generally), and A5 sized. The A5 size (5x7ish) is the perfect size for me, but i have yet to find any that is inkjet friendly. I recently tried Strathmore cardstock for Inkjets, but let's just say it was a total bust. The printing (i'm using a Canon i9100) was muted, bland, sparse, disasterous. I've taken to printing my artwork on matte photo paper, cutting it to size, and then adhering it to the outside of the card, but this is *way* too labor intensive to be at all profitable given the fees i charge. (Also, if i want text on the inside of the non-inkjet cardstock, i can't cut and paste text...and so i end up having to print it and it comes out pretty crappy looking.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on inkjet-friendly cardstock for printing artwork on greeting cards? Any info you have would be most appreciated, as i am up against a wall at this point (and have an order for 60 wedding invitations to fill...)


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    Epson has a whole line of paper for the average consumer to the professional. The paper varies from finish to thickness and they even have a special line of art paper. Perhaps one of them will work for you.

    Epson Paper

    I did a quick web search for inkjet card stock and found Projet card stock paper and it comes in 5x7 packs:

    Projet Extra Heavyweight Card Stock is a premium dual sided matte inkjet paper with a bright white coating on both sides which is ideal for high resolution printing.

    Projet Extra Heavyweight Card Stock unique clay coating dries instantly and is water resistant and light fast.

    These features make it ideally suited for all your brochures, notecards or photo portfolios

    Projet Extra Heavyweight Card Stock is compatible with most desktop inkjet printers
    Projet Extra Heavyweight Card Stock at
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      I use Red River Inkjet papers. Their 7 x 10 prescored Premium Matte is available in various weights.If you want substantal try their 76# but be forwarned that it will only feed in my 2200 manually. I bought some 65# for my next project.


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        Check this website for a start, the whole site is really useful but this link is an article on Smart Papers Kromecote Inkjet paper.

        I've not used the inkjet version but we use Standard Kromecote (offset grade) for gift cards, business cards, invitations, anything requiring a high gloss white card stock. It's available in a variety of weights and comes coated on one side or both. We use 12pt, 1 sided for cards because we get the gloss photo look on the outside with an uncoated writing finish on the inside. We use a color laser to print cards; I recommend it if your production volume gets over a hundred cards per run. We cut and score with a Martin-Yale stack cutter.

        Good luck.


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