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    I just bought a Sony DPP-Ex5 photo printer at a good price, however I'm finding out that the cartridges (which is only made by Sony) are a little hard to come by (now I know why I got such a good price on the printer). Wal-Mart isn't going to carry it anymore once it sells what it has on clearance but Circuit City carries the cartidges but they aren't making any promises that they'll always have it. I've used the printer some and I think it prints good photos but I just don't want to get stuck with a printer that is hard to find cartridges for. I can't cross reference any other print cartridges, it has to be the Sony brand. I know I can order it from Sony directly from the internet. Should I take this printer back for a refund and look for something else? What photo printers do you all use?


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    This printer was reviewed in the 12/2002 edition of PC Mag (,1759,726342,00.asp), so it's not that old technology-wise.

    Inability to get carts easily and having to order direct from Sony = you'll be paying premium prices.

    A quick check on eBay just now shows these printers selling in the low-$20's - $50 range. I was not able to find anyone selling cartridges for them, however. That's unusual considering one can usually find just about anything on eBay, even hard-to-get ink carts. Draw your own conclusions.

    At the moment I'm using an older technology HP Deskjet 895cse. It's sufficient for my immediate needs. To accomodate forthcoming large format prints I'm seriously considering the Canon i9900 (replacement for i9100). I'm encouraged by reviews on the i9100 I've read as well as very favorable comments from Canon owners. In theory the i9900 should be even better.

    Good luck moving forward.



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