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  • color cartridge choices

    Hi, Am thinking about purchasing a copier,scanner combo printer. Does anyone have strong opinions about the ink cartridges i.e. separate colors,

    a 3 in one color cartridge,
    4 separate color cartridge
    6 color cartridge etc
    Do six colors really improve photos.?
    My current Epson uses a 3 in one color cartridge plus a separate black cartridge and the output looks oK.

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    It depends on what you are going to use it for. If you're mainly doing clerical type (letters, documents etc.) then 3 colour is fine, and the cartridges are cheap. If you want reasonable photographic reproduction then 6 colour gives a great improvement in the depth of colour reproduction, however the cartridges are more expensive, and generally don't last too long. If you're going to do a lot of photo work, then the best option is to have seperate colour cartridges.

    As you are looking to buy a combo m/c you probably won't have too much choice in the matter. You must understand that a combo m/c will rarely be as good as seperate stand alone equipment, as compromises have to be made to fit everything into a compact package.


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      I am new to this foram but I hope I can help

      If you are going for the best in color photographs, IMO you can't go wrong with Epson photo printer.
      As far as 3+black ink or 5+black ink printers, I owned both and the 6 ink printer does have better transitions in grays, and better looking flesh tones.
      In the past the less you paid for the printer, the more it costs for inks.
      Now epson makes a printer for around 199 dollars that has separate wells for each ink.
      If money is not a big concern, epson also has 7 ink printers for even more realistic photographs

      If you need any more info please e-mail me



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        Thanks for your info. It helped me to make my decision . I can always count on getting good info from RP. JR