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  • Economical reproductions?


    I have a large collection of old 35mm and 4x5 inches, color and black and white negatives, slides (unmounted). This collection is mounted in 8x11.5 inches archival plastic sheets (film). I need to scan/print these archival sheets for identification purposes: inventory.

    I have about 200 plastic sheets, and I would like to stay away from investing into 8x11.5 inches photographic proof sheets. It would be too time consuming and costly to choose photographic process. Do you have any suggestions? Could small/medium printing companies such as Kwik Copy offer any help in my needs? What do you think? This is a personal project and I don't have the budget to spend great amount of money.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Robert Richard
    Eastern Canada.

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    not too many cheap options but...

    If you already have a flat bed scanner invest a little more in a transparancy/negative attachment. If you only want them for inventory you don't need to spend a lot of money on a negative/positive scanner like I did.
    Most places will charge at least 2 dollars canadian a slide so by the time you spend that kind of money you can get a great flatbed as well!
    for your interest:
    flat bed scanners with neg/ positive adaptor can't touch the quality of a dedicated neg/ positive scanner.

    Not the answer you are likely after but something to think about.



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      Here in North Carolina I know of a Minilab that I THINK can scan your 35mm strips pretty cheap if the resolution is low... I don't have the price list but it seems like they will do an uncut roll for about $20.00 US. I'll check into it if you're interested.
      I can scan your 4x5 film for $5.00 US each plus storage media in quantities over ten if you don't need custom color correction or scratch removal. I'm using an Imacon Flextight 848.
      Contact me by email if you want more info.

      I guess I have to agree with Slipchuck though, you might do well to buy yourself a good flatbed. Some of the Epsons are pretty fair film scanners.



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        For strictly inventory, you don't need anything representing quality - If you have a digital camera that focuses close ....

        -put a peice of white paper on the floor
        -suspend a piece of glass between two chairs above it
        -shine a lamp on the paper
        -set neg on glass
        -take pictures of each neg - you can even hand hold since it is for inventory
        -reverse image in photoshpo

        Cheap, quick, fast,etc.


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