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White-out in photoprinting

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  • White-out in photoprinting

    Edit2: Well, after reading the sticky post I am going to re-phrase my question. Is there a way that I can check if the image is out-of-gamut for RGB photoprinters? The out-of-gamut CMYK system works fine in PS, but how can I assure that all the colors in the imagefile is legible for a photoprinter?

    Hi, I recently printed out some images at my local photostore. The colors in the print was very close to the monitor (monitor corrected with AdobeGamma), the pure primary colors was a bit dark, but acceptable. However colors lighter than about 210 in RGB levels turns out white in the print, but the rest of the image is not lighter the the file. The file has plenty of color-information in the printed white-out area. The image is edited with Photoshop 7.0 and saved in jpg with maximum quality. The printer at the photostore is new and recently calibrated (they sad)

    Anybody have some ideas?

    Edit: well, ok... always "read the stickypost before you post"

    thanks from Garry
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    Personally I would question how well they have calibrated the printer. You shouldn't be getting whiteout at 210.


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      I'd use another store. At 210 as Leah says, you should'nt be having any problems.


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