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Batch Resizing?

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  • Batch Resizing?

    Is there a way to automate the task of resizing multiple images on the fly in Photoshop 7?


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    Hi, Christine,
    This is a pretty big question, let's get a little more specific.

    The crucial points:
    - Are all your starting images the same size and orientation? (and/or)
    - Will all the resulting images be exactly the same size and orientation?
    - Is the resizing gong to be a fixed percentage?

    If you reply with some Yes's then you can record an action that does exactly the process you want, then use Files>Automate>Batch to run the action for all the files.
    (I don't actually do this so I might be missing out on something)

    If you reply with No's, and a simple action isn't going to do the processing, then you need something that thinks and decides "on the fly" - i.e. a script.


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      Ro - yes, I've finally figured out the way to go would be to set up an action and then do the automate batch processing (since all the images will result in the same file size).

      Thanks for stepping up and responding!



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        If all the images are the same orientation, Image > Image Size will suit your needs.

        If all the same size but mixed orientation, experiment recording an Automate > Fit Image command. Specify the same value (in pixels, unfortunately) in both boxes.


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