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  • Need Help Fast...Please!!

    I am ordering some archival photo paper and a few questions have come up. I can order paper which is either coated on both sides or paper coated only on one. I will be ordering 8.5x11 and also 13x19.

    I would like to ask what you as professional photo printers use. If anyone uses this type of paper could you please respond ASAP. I need to give my decision to the person ordering it within the hour. I would really appreciate anyone who has information to please post their opinion on papers. This is for actual archival photo paper. Thanks Neb

    This is the first time I have had the need to order GOOD paper.

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    I only print on one side, so I buy only single-sided paper.
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      Hi Nebgranny!

      Single sided is fine. Just make sure that it is acid-free. Archival paper must be acid-free. You might ask the vendor to ensure you are getting “archival paper”.



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        One More Thing!

        If you have the Photoshop User Magazine from January/February issue, there is a good articel in it on different papers that they tested.



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