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  • Another printer question

    I'm having printer problems again. After spending $60.00 recently for printer repair, I'm having the same problem again after 3 months of use. I currently have the Epson 900, and funds are tight. Since I can't see spending more on repairs, I went looking at my options. I found the Epson Photo 820, which I can get for around $100.00 after rebate. I don't want to get a piece of junk, but an *additional* 2 year warranty is only $25.00. I would appreciate opinions on this printer. Here's the specifications:
    Thanks for taking the time to check it out.


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    If you recently had your Epson repaired, ususally those repairs come with a 90 day guarantee. Did you check into that?


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      Thanks for the reply Debbie. It wasn't repaired by Epson, but by a recognized Epson repair center. The guarantee is for 30 days, but the repair technician took a look at it (no charge). He told me what to try, which worked for a few prints. Now it's out again. He said it would probably be more difficult to find the problem than it was the first time around. So it's either have it fixed again (but at what cost?), or try to find another model.



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        So far I have had good results with the Epson products I've purchased. I wouldn't recomend Cannon but Epson I would say you have a pretty good product. Now whether or not it's worth getting it fixed, I can't say. Probably if you can get a new one for $100 after rebate, that's your best bet. Usually they charge a minimum to fix stuff like that and it may be half or more of what you would pay new anyway.


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