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question on color corrections / printing

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  • john_opitz
    This link might help

    digital enlargements

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  • Paul Rupp
    I have had good luck printing a 6mp image at 30"x40" And unless you get REAL close, you cant tell it didn't come from neg. As a mater of fact, I had a professional photographer ask me what camera/film/lab I used for the print. When I told him it was from a digital camera and printed on an HP PLOTTER, he about fell over!

    I have also printed a few 24"x36" 3.3mp images that were pretty good as well, though not as good as the 6mp images, but still very nice. From normal viewing distance, couldn't see any pixelation.

    Paul Rupp

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  • DJ Dubovsky
    I was trying to see if the picture size was big enough to increase the size to 8x10 with out having to resample by allowing the resolution to lower a bit but it doesn't look like it could stretch that big and still have a significant enough resolution. I could be wrong since I didn't bother to do the math. Thanks Jeanie.

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  • jeaniesa
    Not sure how to answer your question Carl. Like DJ, I don't know that it matters, but if it were me, I'd probably resize and then adjust the colors.

    DJ, I did a quick search on the B&H website for the various megapixel digital cameras to find the pixel sizes of the largest photos. Here's what I found (just looked at Canons, since then came first alphabetically, but I imagine all brands are about the same in this regard):
    1.3MP = 1280x960 = 4.27x3.2" (at 300dpi)
    2.1MP = 1600x1200 = 5.33x4"
    3.3MP = 2048x1536 = 6.83x5.12"


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  • DJ Dubovsky
    I wouldn't think that would matter but I could be wrong. If you resize at the beginning take a new snapshot or you won't be able to use your history brush against the opening snapshot.

    Curious, what is the print size of 1.3 MP picture? If it's 4x6 or bigger, it might not be a problem. You could even uncheck the resample image box and allow the resolution to lower as the demensions increase with out having to resample.

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  • cendres
    started a topic question on color corrections / printing

    question on color corrections / printing

    Lets say I want to print something that is ultimately going to be 8 x 10". My digital camera is only a 1.3 mp camera. Normally I would need to resize the image using bicubic interpolation to a size and resolution suitable for that size print.

    My question is, should color cast / contrast corrections ect. be done prior to the resampling or after.

    Any imput would be appreciated - Carl

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