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Archiving on transparency film

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  • Archiving on transparency film

    Here's a goofy question. With all the gab about deteriorating paper and archival ink vs. glossy vs. matte vs. Ilford etc. etc., has anyone thought to simply print onto, say, 4x6 transparencies? Would they last longer than paper, and perhaps be more stable color-wise? Also, would it then be possible or advisable to perform an optical enlargement from the digitally-printed transparency?

    Inquiring minds want to know!


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    Not a goofy question at all! It's something to think about, and I've been wrong so many times, I'm gonna keep trying until I get one right! I think the keeping qualities are dependent on the *combination* of the ink *and* the media on which it is used. It would probably take some testing to determine how well certain inks would hold up with certain transparencies. That's my guess.



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      You would have to look at the transparency too. I have seen several of them that were a few years old that were so brittle that you could hardly handle them.

      It is an interesting idea to see if you could have one blown up with an enlarger. I would ike to see if that can be done!

      most plastics today are made to degrade quickly, don't think I've ever seen archival transparencies. If you have, I would like to get some as well.

      Paul Rupp


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        About the only thing could add is that you wouldprobably want to use mylar or a suitably stable base which was archival rated. Tom