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quark prints and photoshop prints do not match

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  • quark prints and photoshop prints do not match

    I'm having trouble with my work flow from QuarkXpress. I'm dealing with profiles, photoshop and quark and my prints from QuarkXpress are not matching my photoshop retouched photographs. I'm printing to an Epson 4000 pro with a ColorBurst rip. Some images are older with different profiles than the newer images. The images were retouched with the profile tag on. Any advice whether to use profiles or not. What settings should I turn on or leave off in QuarkXpress and the Colorburst rip.

    All I'm trying to do is output from Quark to match my output from photoshop. In Quark I only have gray solid bars and yellow strips. Niether are consistant. I tried to export a pdf from quark without any luck

    thanks appreciate any help with this very frustrating ordeal.
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    While I can't offer direct help with untangling the spaghetti that is Quark's misguided concept of color management.
    I've spent the better part of the past 17 years with this software and I have NEVER gotten it's color management to do right when printing directly out of that program.

    I just turn off Quark color management, save the pages as EPS and open them in Illustrator or InDesign and print from there. Is that something you could do or do you have to stay with Quark?


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      Thanks Richard

      I'll try your idea next. I have tried turning off color management and exporting pdf's then opening the pdf in photoshop to save out a tif file with better results but with little luck when matching graphic lines. A simple gray bar (20% gray) looked different from file to file after printing.

      thanks again, hope this works



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