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Need advice on the printing issue

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  • Need advice on the printing issue

    I'd like to print a couple of photos that I just took with my digital camera.
    To obtain their sharpness as I see on my computer, how should I set it up in photoshop to print ? Should I resize them to a certain size first before I send to the printer or should I just print them at these current sizes and scale them in the Print window of photoshop ?

    Whichever way, what should be the settings ??

    Please advice,
    Thanks much.

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    Hi Kim,

    The only thing you really have to check before sending to printer is the resolution, this ideally should be 300 pix/inch, though you can get away with settings as low as 200 pix/inch.

    To see what size picture this will give you, set height and width to read in cm or inches (whichever you're most comfortable with).

    eg if you've got a pic taken on a 3M camera, you'll usually get a picture of approx 2000x1500 pix in size. With a resolution of 300 pix/inch, this will give you a printed picture approx 6.7"x5". At 200 pix/inch, that would be 10"x7.5".

    Hope this helps.


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      Thank Gary, it does help


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