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Inkjet prints framed behind glass

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  • Inkjet prints framed behind glass

    Here is an interesting web page with test results of a print framed behind glass, and one that was not behind glass.


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    That's a great article Ed. What a big difference in results. Good to know if you plan to display prints at all, much less near a window. That first image on the left was alot better quality than I would have imagined hanging near a window for 9 months glass or not. Very interesting. Thanks alot.


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      I have some photos printed on heavyweight matte paper, printed on an Epson 1270 that are framed behind glass which have been hanging for over 18 months in a room in my home that gets indirect sunlight almost every morning and they show no sign of fading. I also have prints framed the same way at a few stores and offices around town, which get a lot of indirect sunlight and none of them have faded. I also cover the rear of the frame in brown paper and seal it with tape to help protect the prints.

      The old premium glossy paper did fade some, I have not tried the new Color Life, but from the reviews I have read it fades at about the same rate as the heavyweight matte paper.



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        Hi George,

        That's good to hear. I know Epson states a stability factor equal to traditionally developed prints with that setup (I recently bought the 870, which uses the same ink technology). Whether or not that is actually true, only time will tell. Hopefully it will be.



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          good info, ed, thanks.


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