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  • My neice Linzii

    I am very proud of this little girl, shes not little anymore, shes my neice shes been through hell and back, she was once 18 stone in weight and in the past year she has lost 9 half stone, and look at her she looks so beautiful.

    Shes still going through hell.

    She has big brown eyes. It would be lovely to see her smile, shes now 19.

    I would like you all to paint her, then i am going to do her a gallery and show her she is beautiful.

    Please keep the picture for your own private gallery, no commercial use is allowed.

    Thank you

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    Elle, your niece is stunning, and this is a great photo. I've downloaded it, and I'm sure you'll get many beautiful paintings of her. I need to find a weight converter to find out what stones and half stones are.


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      As I remember, 1 stone = 14 Lbs, but it's been a long time that I think in Kg's.

      Elle, what a nice photo for us to play with. Hope you like this version.
      Home made AHB, lighting effects, cropping etc......

      Posted a close-up too.

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        I hope she likes this one, Elle. (Sorry, the cute little dog had to go.)
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          I Hope this goes some way to bringing a smile to your neices face, and what a lovely thought to do a web page for her !

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            Lovely lady.

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              Changed the contrast on this one a bit, just for comparison.

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                Xero Caravaggio filter, and a lot of cloning.


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                  Very proud and you did so well, beautiful, i will add the link in a weeks time, so you can see what she will also see.

                  Keep them coming please...

                  Shes now fighting the fact shes an anorexia, shes got a hard fight, but we sure will tell her how beautiful we see her as.

                  Shes now 28 lb less than this picture.


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           turn I guess.. *scratches head*
                    Hope she likes it..

                    Edit: This 100kb limit is really giving me a hard time..
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                      Here's my attempt, done in Painter IX. I left the photo and the doggie. They all seemed to belong together.
                      Here's a larger image:
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                        Thank you thank you!!!


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                          Studio Artist attempt

                          I used Studio Artist and PScs2
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                            Hello Elle, hello Danny, Ro, Cat, and the rest!!
                            Elle, I hope you like my painting. Done in painter ix, with ps adjs.
                            Your neice is a beautiful young lady. I'm sure she's very determined and will pull through. I wish her the very best.
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                              Dave, what a kooooool background!
                              Judy, this is gorgeous, but I've been trying to track down your tutorial that uses Virtual Painter. Where did you put it, please Ma'am?


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