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  • Any Ideas ?

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this photo have an "artsy" look.
    I tried different filters but can't seem to get it. The original photo hasn't very good quality to start with. I was liking "poster edge" but it gives him a some weird skin tones. This is my first attempt to attach an image and ask for help, so I apoligize in advance if I don't get it right. Thanks. swood.

    P.S. janet is my PS guru. Where are you, janet.
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    welcome to RP!

    the attachment is fine.

    the first tip i would give anyone on wanting to do 'something artsy' with a photo is, fix the photo first, then do the art part. now, i'm not trying to be a smart-ass here, so please dont take it that way so, in the case of your picture i would brighten it up a bit, add some contrast and do any touch up work that might need doing. it's a good photo of a great looking kid and worthy of 'something artsy', but it just works better as 'art' if it starts out as a great photo of a great kid.

    then, when that part is done, take a look at the photo art section of the forum. there are tons of tips, tricks and processes you can take a look at. you might want to even post your picture there and let others take a shot at it too. sharing something like this has a tendency to reap unexpected rewards if in nothing more than inspiration of your own.



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      This would go nice under the photo art. Maybe someone can move it for you so it will be seen more. I did this quickly with poster edges, diffuse, noise removal, color picker, soft paint brush, and the smudge brush. Such a cute kid I had to try something.
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        sort of a stylized 90's cross process look.

        Basically tweaked the levels.....tweaked the contrast.....tweaked curves and color balance to give it that cross processed high contrast cyanish overtone....added filmgrain.

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          Well, I gave it a whack. Took an oval marque, selected the darkest area of the photo, chose mask, put a big ole gassian blur on it, then adjusted the lighting on the dark area to closely match the lighter. Came out nicely tone wise.
          Then just used virtual painter to turn it into a watercolour. added a bit of texture.
          I agree, it would be a fabulous photo for photo art, maybe it should be moved?

          Oh yeah. Chose yellow and green because it was the most striking thing about him.. his hair and eyes.
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            how do I move this to a different forum?

            Thanks for the tips? I would like to move this over to the photo art forum. How?? I'm learning, slowly. thanks. steve


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              Color corrected and painted

              First attachment is a straight color corrected and retouched image. It is very nice on its own.

              Second attachment is a painted version based on the first. I lost track of what I did in the painted version. I started with one technique and did not like the result so I experimented using Impressionist to add to the first effect. I remember using Jakita's watercolor A style.

              One thing I did do at the end is use a 50% gray dodge and burn layer to brighten the eyes and bring back the catchlights. Also, the painting effect was to ragged and strong around the eyes and mouth. I copied the base layer (color correct one) and placed it over the painted image. Added a hide all mask and with a white brush painted back some smoothness and detail to the eyes and mouth.


              PS Looks like a very nice boy. What is he doing behind prision bars at such a young age?
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                more info

                OK, I'm Lost. Jakita's watercolor A style? virtual painter? Are you guys using photoshop? Thanks, Steve.


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                  Here's a couple I did last night--I didn't save the actual PSP file, so I'm going from memory. The tool is Paintshop Pro X.

                  I started with auto-photo-fix and then did a little manual color adjusting. Then the salt-and-pepper filter (always a good prelude to making a painting in PSP). Then the brush-stroke effect filter. Then the clarify filter.

                  Then I did a mask based on the RGB values of the image and replaced the background with a cool-looking gold to blue gradient.

                  In the second version I did similar playing around with masking to selectively shift the hues, saturation, and lightness of the image in ways not easily achievable using the HSL tool.

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                    One way to go "artsy" is to download a free Photoshop action that will do a pencil sketch of the photo. There are tons of them out there, some better than others and many are free. I find the effect of the pencil sketch actions much more subtile than find edges or poster edges filters.

                    The one I use first creates a duplicate of the original file and runs the action on that copy. I usually do a Levels adjustment to the pencil sketch to get a pleasing b/w version of the photo. (Do all your color correction and cloning before you run the action).

                    Change the sketched Image MODE to RGB (or what ever your original's mode is) Drag the pencil sketch layer into the original photo holding the SHIFT key down while you drag and drop it. This will place the copy directly in the center of the original on a new layer so that they are "registered".

                    The new b/w appears to block the color version below it, but if you play with blending modes in the layers palette you may find something you like. Don't forget there is also a blending mode under the STYLES palette that gives you some additional options.

                    When you get something you like, merge and add texture.
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                      To clarify a bit.

                      Impressionist is a Photoshop plug that creates art effects. You can find a copy at (free) in the downloads page. It is not easy to install. You get the files but no instructions as where to place them. If you want to get it and install, I will write up installation instructions. You can get some other nice stuff at this site as well.

                      Jakita is a person on this forum who created templates that are installed in Impressionist. They create settings in Impressionist that give a watercolor effect. You could perfom a search on Jakita watercolor in this forum and find the threads that dissuss the technique. There are a couple of threads, the first has errors, the latest has clear instructions (ignore the Virtual Painter part, another plug in, not required). The templates are downloadable attachements to one of the threads.

                      Also search this forum for "Impressionist", you will get many hits and information on how to use the plugin.

                      There are a million ways to achieve nice results and many different plugins that can be used, many free. I suggest you browse the art sections in this forum for tutorials that give results that you like and use tools that you can obtain. If a plugin is mentioned you can usually find it by Googling and if free download it. Assuming that you do not want to start by outlaying cash.

                      Even though much of the stuff is free it is still a lot of work assembling the tools and learning them but it is fun if you like the creative aspect of PS. Much can be done with PS on its own. You will find tutorials that use no plugins. Try them first and see if you are satsified.

                      On my effort, I used a non-plugin method first, which had given good results on other images, but not this one. With that as my base image I used Impressionist and the Jakita templates and got a good result. There is no science to this, it is 'by guess and by golly'. Just play around until you get somethig nice. The tutorials give you ideas of different things to try.


                      By the way, I think the unmanipulated image when properly corrected and retouched stands fine by itself.


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                        Clarification of clarification

                        Spelling error: it is jaykita not what I said.



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                          Steve mentioned last night that I hadn't yet responded to his post. Yikes, how many months has it been??? So now I'm posting...late to the party as always.

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                            i did 2 var.
                            1st : adj. curves a bit, sharppened, bighten eyes, lower saturation, added wide screen frame.
                            2nd: just your regular poster edges filter (thikness 10, 2 other values to 0)
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                              Don't do many "arty" pieces, so forgive my crude blunderings, but had to have a go with this.
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