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Water Color Painting Technique

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  • Water Color Painting Technique

    This is the method I used to produce this watercolor Painting with ps6 and Impressionist filter.

    Step 1:
    Method originally posted by jaykita:
    Impressionist filter custom settings and ps7 watercolor. [ Photomaster NOTE: I used ps6.]

    This method uses two custom Impressionist settings. They can be downloaded here:

    Layer L1 (upwards) Original image, image adjustment levels to lighten without increasing contrast (only move middle slider toward left)
    L2- Dup L1- apply impr filter Watercolor A, Noise-Median 1 or 2.
    L3- Dup L1- levels adj 0,1.90,255, ps7 artistic watercolor, 14,0,1.
    L4- Select all, copymerged, paste -- ps7 artistic watercolor once more.
    L5- Dup L4, virtual painter watercolor opacity 36. (this further enhances effect)
    L6- Select all, copy merged, paste.
    L7- Dup, impr filter watercolor B opacity 41.
    L8- Select all, copy merged, paste, image adj. selective color-white reduce black a bit.
    L9- Dup again ps7 artistic watercolor, layer mask (add vector mask) to get rid of any black in image if necessary.
    Merge all.
    [Photomaster Note: I skipped add vector mask since I don’t think it is available in ps6. I used various adj. layers and cloning to remove unwanted black.]

    Step 2:
    Dupl. layer. Used adj. layers to enrich colors. Then on new blank layer; Stamp visible (cntrl, alt, shift, E)

    Step 3:
    Dupl. layer. Applied Auto FX Dreamy Photo (customized settings) to face and hair. Reduced opacity to achieve proper effect. Partially erased effect from eyes, mouth, parts of nose and brows. Did cloning and freehand brush work to the skin on face and neck, around eyes, to the hair and jewelry, and to straighten teeth.

    Step 3A:
    Dupl. layer. Applied Cybia, Embossworks, Hard Glass filter to create texture and depth.

    Step 3B Final:
    Reduced opacity of Hard Glass filter layer to avoid look of over sharpening.

    The project took about 5 hours and was a fun learning experience. Let me know if you think the effort was a success. I value your opinions. Retouch Pro is a great site and I have certainly learned a lot here. Thanks jaykita for the inspiration.
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    Bravo and a belated welcome, Photomaster. Supplying the Jakita-inspired detailed steps is greatly appreciated. I was just looking at some of your other manipulations that I somehow missed. You've got a nice touch.

    Welcome aboard. Keep 'em coming.



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