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Which software to use: Gertrudis Pro, Dogwaffle, Art Rage, Impressionist

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  • Which software to use: Gertrudis Pro, Dogwaffle, Art Rage, Impressionist

    These are ones I have collected so far: (try these links or do a Google search)


    Deep Paint 2

    ArtRage 2



    I have downloaded and played (emphasis on played) with all of them. The playing has been too brief and my overall experience level too low to form any kind of good opinions about them.

    My impressions: Deep Paint seems to have the most "knobs" or "variable settings" to adjust. This may translate into greatest capability or it may not. Lack of lots of documentation plus being a discontinued program weigh on it. PhotoMaster here is the expert on this I believe.

    Art Rage: the free download has a lot of helpful features disabled yet the purchase price is only $20. So far I have not gone to it. It does allow cloning and its art brushes seem pretty realistic (again, my inexperience level shows through). This seems to me to be most like actually sitting in front of an easel with a pallet of paint (there is even a glass of water on the lower part of the screen for you to clean your brush in---how realistic is that!)

    Gertrudis -- amply discussed in this thread. I just tried the free download but formed no impression at all.

    Dogwaffle--a curious program of seemingly good power and versatility. All I did was watch various on-line movie files of how to do various things. It seems somehow tied up with Gertrudis but is very hard for me to understand the linkage. Gertrudis talks about using the "Dogwaffle engine".

    Add Painter Essentials, and Impressionist plug in, and I have way too much going on at once. I need to focus on one or two (really one) until I get good enough to reject it knowledgeably or keep on improving skills.

    The question: which one to concentrate on????????????

    Reactions or comments?


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    Good topic, Ken...

    Painter Essentials is the equivalent of a Painter Lite-type program. Here's what I have heard about Essentials from member Bobmc:
    * There's more control over the rate of auto-clone application
    * The standard brush set is fairly small compared to what comes with Painter
    * You can add a few additional brush sets from outside sources, i.e., downloads from Painter sites or from CDs that accompany.
    * For those not ready to take the spendy leap into full-blown Painter, Essentials is a cost effective way to tip-toe into the pool.

    Tried Art Rage. Wasn't impressed.

    Gertrudis looks interesting, but I personally find swapping images across applications to be a bit of a hassle. I tolerate it between Painter and Photoshop because Painter now supports files in .psd (Photoshop) format.

    I've dabbled a bit with Deep Paint 2.0 and it has some amazing capabilities, but I haven't yet gotten into it as deeply as I have the Impressionist plugin. IMO Impressionist is the best plugin on the planet for what it does because of its flexibility and options. I use it in Photoshop and Painter.



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      Another one for your list: Fantastic Machines - Paint Engine.

      As in anything connected to Art, everyone os going to have their favourite technique (software), and on this site we have some "Masters" in each of them.

      Maybe we could use this thread to try and categorize the programs and describe the strong / weak points of each.

      For example, I could divide the techiques into three basic types:
      - Autopainting: You define a style and the software automatically applies this to the whole image;
      - Cloning: The style is automatically applied to the image, but you control the applicaton with your brush strokes;
      - Painting: The software models a brush, and you paint the image.
      So we'd have:
      Paint Engine: Autopainting;
      Deep Paint: Cloning (Painting);
      Painter: Painting (Cloning (Autopainting)).
      I don't know enough to categorize others.

      Other factors might be "Free" or not, PC/Mac/both, Discontinued.



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        byRo -

        Thanks for that analysis. I am also going to start looking into some of these tools. For me, I want a tool that does both autopainting and cloning (some control over the brush strokes). For me, that would rule out deep paint. To add to your list :

        Gertrudis : Autopainting and Cloning.



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          Ro: very useful additional theme for this thread.

          ArtRage1: Painting
          ArtRage2: Painting and Cloning

          Some pros: quite realistic painting with color mixing, brush cleaning, brush loading (runs out of paint after certain length stroke), friendly interface and simulates being in front of a canvas. Cons (with Free Edition 2), many features disabled and requires $20 purchase to activate.



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            welcome to RP.

            actually, you might want to take a look at photomaster's tutorials on deep paint. it actually is almost at its best when clone painting. there is a LOT more going on there than first meets the eye. this is an incredibly powerful piece of software, well before its time and underevaluated and under-appreciated by most. it wasnt until photomaster started delving into the meat of this program that i began to see some of its worth. when you first look at it you might think, 'well, this isnt even as good as the Gimp', but when you begin peeling back the layers on layers, you might be surprised.

            and since i've mentioned the Gimp here, we shld probably be evaluating that one too, along with its cousin, Gimpshop.



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              Deep Paint is more than a cloning program

              Deep Paint functions as a full blown free hand painting program as well as a cloning program. Since I'm being touted as the resident expert (I've done about ten projects so far) I'll dispense a little more of what I've learned. When in the cloning mode, the brushes function differently when you have the Clone tab selected than they do when you have the Paint tab selected. After you have set-up to clone, if you select the paint tab, some of the wet and dry brushes can be set up to clone under the Paint Settings. This is the way I have done most of my paintings. I still need to investigate why the brushes function differently under the two settings. Once I understand, I'll share. Right now I'm having too much fun burning pixels with my camera, eating shrimp and drinking margaritas.


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                Twisted brush

                Here is another one i was recommended to by another member here (patricia kay ) I cant claim to know much about it though, only had a quick dabble
                They do a earlier version free, I don't think it is for mac's

                twisted brush



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                  Originally posted by Photomaster
                  ....After you have set-up to clone, if you select the paint tab, some of the wet and dry brushes can be set up to clone under the Paint Settings. This is the way I have done most of my paintings. I still need to investigate why the brushes function differently under the two settings. Once I understand, I'll share...
                  Funny. I just discovered that too, last week and I was just about to post a question about it. The "stamp" clone is a lot more fun (if you like dripping wet paint)

                  Another way of looking at categories....Some software is "stroke" based. This meaning that it will record every stroke you make to a file. Later, if you wish you may start again, say with a different burush etc., and tell the program to paint it all again. Although this is a wonderful , marvellous feature it seems that not many people actually use it. (Painter / Gertrudis - not sure about Deep Paint).


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                    Now how about a list for the MAC?

                    i'll start with PS CS2, and Painter IX.


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