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Problem with lighting effects filter

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  • Problem with lighting effects filter

    Having a problem with lighting effects filter:

    When I experiment with placement and settings of a single spotlight effect, my preview retains one of the earlier effects causing a mulitple light affect in the preview and in the image; i.e. if one of the early positions is from the top down, and I don't like it, if I move it so the light comes from the side, the preview keeps showing the 'top down' effect IN ADDITION to the new one from the side. Same thing for the affect on the final image.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks, Bob

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    Wish I had fabulous news, but I'm unable to recreate the symptoms you're reporting.

    I'm using PS 7.01. Which version are you using?

    Do these symptoms happen for only certain settings, or any that you select?



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      Cs2 Lighting Effects

      Hi Danny,

      I'm using CS2.

      One of the objectives I'm trying to achieve is to use the spotlight effects without having the large hotspot in the image.

      I try to lengthen the light image assuming that there should be a greater distance between the hotspot and the light it produces but that doesn't give me what I'm looking for either.

      Am I expecting too much?

      Thanks again, Bob


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        The lighting effect filter is, unfortunately, a bit of a hit-and-miss affair.

        For those who have done illumination in 3-D programs - or even in more "modern" 2-D (Painter, Deep Paint) programs the interface used in PS is, by comparison, quite unsatisfactory and in urgent need of renovation.

        Well, that little rant out of the way.....maybe the best way we can help would be you posting a screen shot. That way we might spot ( ) something awry.


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          Thanks for the tip

          Thanks Ro,

          I'll whip one up. But I do agree, it's hard for me to consistently get the same results from one image to another using the lighting effects filters.

          Have a great day. Bob


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            Originally posted by byRo
            The lighting effect filter is, unfortunately, a bit of a hit-and-miss affair.
            That's been my experience, too, Bob. (Thanks for the kind e-mail, too, BTW.)

            Recently for another member I did a Google search for Lighting Effects tutorials and found nothing particularly useful, so I guess it comes down to trial, error and experimenting.

            You might investigate the Light2 plugin to see if it has possibilities for your particular needs:

            As Ro suggested, posting an example would be helpful. That way we could see what you're seeing.



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              Light 2 Plugin

              Hi Danny,

              Thanks for the link to the Light2 plugin.
              I've seen that before so I'll give it a try.

              You guys are the best.

              A great day to all that helped. Bob