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    patricia asked me to start a thread for images rendered using the new Filter Forge program. i hope this is the right spot for this. if not, could a moderator please move it. please bear in mind there is already a thread for discussion about filter forge in the 'software' forum. so, this is for pictures/images obtained in some part from using filter forge.

    i'd like to know how you guys would like to do this. we've got several options. we could post just one base image and let everyone play with that one and that one only.

    we could post several base images of different categories and let each person pick whatever one they wanted to work on from that list. for example, 1 'landscape' type, 1 'portrait' type, 1 'close up (macro)' type and so on. this would have the advantage that some FF filters would be better suited for different types of images.

    or, we could just leave it as a post whatever you wish.

    i think the better option is to use base images and all apply the FF filters to those base images. this gives you the best comparison of the filters themselves.

    however, there is one kicker in there; some FF filters dont use a base image or dont require an additional image at all. they produce their own finished images. so, in that case, i guess you just post those.

    so, i'll leave this like this for a few days and see what everyone has to say.


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    Hello Craig....

    Like how you have worded this all makes sense to me!!!!

    Thanks for doing it ..we will have to see what response we get wont we???

    Think your idea of posting 3 or 4 different ones...landscape,portrait etc is a good one...

    If we do our own photos then maybe we would have to send a before and could take up more space????

    Hope some of the others doing the amazing filters in Filter Forge will put their ideas forward too...



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      i posted a similar thread on the filter forge forums and have already met a bit of difference. seems at least one guy thinks that using only fixed base images wont show off certain filters very well, that some filters are suited only for certain base images. it's a good point and over there i basically just said, 'well, start another thread'. so, the same may happen here. and that's why i wanted to get some input before starting this up here.

      also, there's no reason other plugins or editors couldnt have galleries dedicated to them. i could easily see an impressionist gallery, a buzz gallery and a deep paint 2 gallery, for instance.

      anyways, we may be the only participants, patricia. so, it may not matter to anyone but us and therefore we can do it however we want



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