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Photoshop Spatter Brushes - where to find them?

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  • Photoshop Spatter Brushes - where to find them?

    Hello All,

    Can anyone tell me in which of PS CS2's brush collections I would find the "Spatter Brush". (Note: I said Spatter not Splatter). Mine doesn't seem to have it

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    Re: Spatter Brushes?

    The Spatter brushes are located in the default brush pallette about halfway down the list.
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      Re: Spatter Brushes?

      Hi Meaty0

      not sure if this will help you as it is ps7 ( until someone with cs2 comes along)


      Seems like great minds think alike TPaul
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        Re: Spatter Brushes?

        Thanks for your help.

        PROBLEM SOLVED. The Spatter Brush isn't in any of the brush collections you see included in PS CS2. But it is in the Default Collection. Once you change the default collection, they disappear off somewhere not seen! To get them back, you have to go Brushes=>Reset Brushes and Photoshop brings back the default brushes! Whohoo! I love my spatter brush and I'm glad it's back.

        Thanks again guys.


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