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ACTIONS, Photo-Art Photoshop ACTIONS: The Mother of all Collections

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  • ACTIONS, Photo-Art Photoshop ACTIONS: The Mother of all Collections

    Due to the obvious interest in turning photos into paintings, drawings, etc., I've given the topic its own forum. Feel free to start threads here for your own photo-art area of interest.
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    Photoshop Actions - Photo-art

    In addition to moderating the Photo-based Art forum here at RetouchPRO, I formerly administered the best collections of (mostly) photo-art actions available on the net. They were crafted by number of talented folks who frequented the Retouching Forum at, plus a few members from RetouchPRO.

    Scroll to the bottom of this post for download information. Versions 7 and 6 are available.


    Collection replaced to correct an error in content. Count=Count+230 [11/17/02]


    Not sure how to install them?

    Click HERE to be routed to an actions tutorial written by RetouchPRO member David Kendal.

    For an exceptionally comprehensive PS actions tutorial, may I suggest checking out the one posted at It's truly The Mother of all Photoshop Action Tutorials.

    DPReview collection AUGUST 2003 - VERSION 7 AVAILABLE HERE

    Version 7 (an additional 152 actions) is now available at

    DPReview collection OCTOBER 2002 - VERSION 6 AVAILABLE AS AN ATTACHMENT (below)


    More actions (for the most part not arty), brushes, textures, etc. available here at RetouchPRO:

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      Photoshop Action: Howie's Sketch

      Check out this tread. In it you'll see a very impressive technique (and result) by Howie Mudge.

      Inspired by Howie's work, Paul Stuckless wrote an action for this method. I took Paul's action and tweaked it a bit. It can be downloaded below.

      Thanks to Howie for sharing his method and to Paul for his action development initiative.


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      Ver 2.2 posted to fix filename problems. djr
      469 downloads to this point.

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        Here's an example using the base image from Mini-challenge #9, "Last Chance."

        The degree of graininess within the image and how much "non-colored border" is controlled by user applied brushstrokes once the action completes.
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          Cartoon actions

          Here's my collection of 7 different actions in one set that turns your images into a cartoon.

          Have fun!

          Dennis D

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          Trying to fix the attachment - DannyR
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            Pastel Action

            I am so excited with a new action I discovered tonight... I just had to share it with you all.

            I can't wait to see what you think.

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              Here is an example... I simply loaded the action and this is the results with no tweaking. I have also fooled around with using the art history brush set to low opacity to add more details back in.

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                Here's the original for comparison.

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                  Photo Art Photoshop ACTION: David Rowley's Hayes Island Cafe method

                  This is an action inspired by David Rowley.

                  It is based on his Hayes Island Cafe tutorial:

                  The action can be downloaded here:

                  DISCLAIMER: Works pretty good on "non-people" images. Not at all good on human subjects. Keep image resolution in the 75-150 ppi ballpark for rendering; increase resolution as needed if you decide to print.

                  Have fun!

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                    "David's Watercolors" Action

                    I've been working on a new watercolor-ish photo art technique, (the one I used in mini challenge #64 - Jake and Joey) and with Danny's tips and help (big thanks Danny!!) I made an action out of it.
                    works quite well on most photos of animals/landscapes, but it would take tweaking to make it work on any people photos.
                    *note: this action will only work in PS 7, as it uses features like the Anisotropic diffuse etc.
                    You can view a post about this effect and how to tweak it here

                    - David

                    Attachment replaced. The apostrophe in the original filename caused problems. ~DannyR~
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                      Action series...paint..borders etc

                      I made a few actions from some tutorials of David Rowley...they are located at



                      I have also included some Red-eye reduction actions. The first is an original, and the other two are from tutorials I have found searching on the web. I have also modified the one to work on Green/Blue-eye that you get from some animal shots.

                      It also includes a couple other actions that are kind of in builds a basic background matte around the picture...and the other adds a signature line....also a couple frame actions.

                      I'm just learning the technique, but I hope you'll find them useful

                      Bud Guinn
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                        Frames...Collection of frames..

                        I have written an action set that contains many frames...single, double, matte...etc. It includes some Rosewood and Oak both landscape and portrait mode. It includes some frames with backgrounds. It includes some backgrounds that the completed frame..whichever one you choose can be added to.

                        I have made these frames so that after they have been completed you can still go back and adjust or tweak the color of the frame and the matte. You can also, in most cases, still adjust the bevel, drop shadow, contour...etc....after the action has run.

                        The purpose of the big backgrounds is to allow your masterpiece to display at it's normal size (700dpi approx.), but fill the entire monitor with a "wall" or background.

                        These should be installed in the photoshop actions folder....this path is something like this..(from my computer)
                        C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 7.0\Presets\Photoshop Actions

                        I have made a few examples of what is this address:

                        Included in the actions zip. is a previous action set that I made that had some paint programs, red/green eye reduction, and a new action that cuts a pic up and places it on a background...but tweaked a bit....just something different.

                        I hope this is helpful...or if you have me [email protected]
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                          Photo Art Photoshop ACTION: Bill Miller's Antique Stipple Engraving

                          This very popular action set has been updated to enable users to select resolution (DPI).

                          Click HERE to be taken to the post where this action set can be downloaded.



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                            Photo Art Photoshop ACTION: Bill Miller's Batik Effect

                            Bill wrote an action to create a Batik effect in the Fall of 2002.

                            To download click HERE .

                            Open the attachment below for a "before and after" glimpse.


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                              New Wooden Frames Wooden Mattes

                              I have put together a collection of Wooden Frames and also a collection of Wood Mattes.......there is also a simple matte and double matte for matteing before framing, or whatever.

                              You have a multitude of choices.....matte the picture and then frame it.
                              ...or matte the picture and then put it on the wooden matte.
                              ...or just Frame the picture or Matte it with the wooden frames/mattes
                              ...or after using the wood matte you can still wrap a frame around the matte...some of the
                              complementary colors are pleasing.

                              The action leaves the picture you still can go ahead and adjust the bevel, contour, drop shadow....and adding texture works well with some of the woods. Just highlight the grain layer and open the layer styles dialogue...and adjust....or just double click on the effects icon.

                              Also you can highlight the grain layer and go up to Image...down to adjustments and then to Hue/saturation....this allows you to lighten or darken the wood grain....or change the color.

                              I have been showing these for about two weeks and have gotten pretty good responses, except for the occasionaly pervert who doesn't like anything framed.

                              You may see them at the same site where I showed my previous frames..they are the "new wood frames" and the "new wood mattes".

                              I hope everyone enjoys I need to learn how to do other stuff in photoshop.
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