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  • kaleidoscope

    here is my first attempt at creating a kalidescope from a snapshot. Still working out the bugs on my angles.
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    Original snap

    this is the original snapshot
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      That is beautiful!

      I was just in a local scrapbooking shop the other day and saw some kalidescopes that people had made. It started me wondering about doing them in Photoshop.

      Care to share how you made this one?


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        Ohhh - way too cool!! Yes, please share how you did this! (Like I need something else to play with! )


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          First, you need some hi-tech equipment.......

          thank you for your kind comments.

          The HI-TECH equipment I used was a coffee filter and two paper clips. I folded the filter into 1/8s. Next I cut out one of the wedges created and used it as a template paper clipped over my photo. Then I just 'extracted' the wedge....and flipped it to make a mirror image.

          then it was just a matter of copy and paste on to new image. Each wedge had to be rotated then placed in the proper position.

          here's a pic of my hi-tech equipment.

          there is probably an "official" way to make this in PS, but my skills are pretty limited. Hopefully they'll improve after I take a class next month.
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            That's it???? I would have thought you were using a special program or fancy filters in Photoshop to create that. That is soo cool. Thanks for sharing it with us. I love the way they turn out. Can't wait to try it myself.


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              Originally posted by DJ Dubovsky
              That's it???? I would have thought you were using a special program or fancy filters in Photoshop to create that. That is soo cool. Thanks for sharing it with us. I love the way they turn out. Can't wait to try it myself.
              Dang! I'm headin' for the coffe cupboard right now!

              That is just cool!


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                I don't drink coffee... Regardless, there should be a way to do tihs in PS - let me think about it...



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                  Even if you don't drink coffee, you should just be able to make a circle from a small plate or something, fold as directed, cut out the section and scan with virtually the same results...

                  I think the neatest thing about it is that it's completely LOW tech... What a hoot! I would never have guessed!


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                    Nope - I'm determined to go high tech all the way!!! (Though usually when I don't have a clue what I'm doing, it's pretty much brute force - so probably not worth a tutorial. )



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                      I think I've used up my playtime for today. But, I did come up with a kaleidescope using one of Lisa's market pics. My method was MUCH to crude to post here (I had to use my math skills - but even those led to some necessary touch-up - I just don't understand how my math turned out wrong. ) I will try to refine my method though and see if I can make it possible for others to follow. (Heck, for all I know, there's probably already a tutorial out there making it REALLY easy!! Maybe even an action.)

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                        Quicker, less math, not quite as cool version

                        I ran across someone in my internet travels who was doing something like that with flower pictures he had. While this method you guys have done involves more segments and is way cool, this one looks similar and is probably a whole lot less complicated and time consuming (for those whose play time is limited!)

                        You take your image and find the halfway point (helps if you resize or crop it to something easily divisible by two) using the ruler (VIEW/RULERS). Then make a marquee tool selection to that point from the edge. Copy and paste.

                        Take that new layer and duplicate it, flip it horizontally (or vertically, depending on which way you "cut" the original) by 180º and slide it over to the halfway point. (helps if you turn off the original whole image in the background, or throw it away because you're done with it now)

                        Copy and paste this new half-image and flip accordingly.

                        I went as far as to do it with two images and use blend modes to combine them, and then tossed it on my "cool but of-what-practical-use" pile. I am probably not imaginative enough to see a practical use for this in everyday "life", but I have it if I ever should be able to see it.

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                          cool, those are some really interesting techniques!! I'll have to try them out.

                          - David


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                            sjm -- your invention is nifty, and your creations are truly beautiful! But you're depriving me of my excuse to buy another add-on! It's gotta be marketed as a "Magic Kaleidoscope Tool" -- only $9.95 if you call in the next 10 minutes!

                            Blackknight - your technique results in lovely images also!


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                              I love your veggie kaleidoscope creation! It's so colorful! This looks like fun. Now I want to play too!

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