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    Don't know if anyone cares one way or not, but as I was crusing tonite I found some stuff on glass and got mildly stimulated by the prospect of making something in PSP.
    Some of what I was looking at was for real glass, but if it can be done there, it can be done here. There is nothing inherently original about this image, as I read a quick tut and then didn't follow it, much. The frame was designed by F.L. Wright, whom some have no doubt, heard of.
    I put the pattern on a layer, selected various shapes, and filled them with some glass samples I had also d/l.
    I did some of the shapes in Blade Pro too.
    Just thought it is a fun way to express oneself without a
    mountain of work.
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    I like the glass samples. It reminded me of a pic I did a while back that didn't exactly work like I wanted it to, but I could't throw it away. Way too much effort went into it for what I ended up with.

    Background was a pic of flowers i took.

    I manually drew lines on a new layer, using the ruler and grid, dividing the pic up in equal segments. Selected the lines and then did an inverse. Selected the flower layer and did a copy, then pasted making a new layer. Ran Eye Candy Glass fllter and a beveled edge.

    While I still had the selection "ants" I did an inverse again and selected the painted lines layer and hit delete. This let the un-distorted picture show through where the lines were.

    Did a glass on the outside edge too. I wanted it to look more like stained glass, and I fiddled with it after saving it and really screwed it all up. This wasn't stained glass, but it is as close as I have come yet without using a plug-in.

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      I'm enjoying this thread. It got me thinking about converting a photo to look like stained glass. I don't think I accomplished this, but I had fun trying. Original image is here.

      I tortured this poor photo so many ways, I have no idea what actually ended up working. I do know I started off by posterizing, applied two different gradient map adjustment layers, and finished off with an inverted radial gradient layer set to 'hard light'. I'm sure there were 30-40 other steps in between.
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        I think you captured the stained glass feel nicely. The only thing it is missing is the heavy lead lines. I really like the richness of the green colors. Nicely done and I am so happy to see you out on the web and actually playing!



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          I was going for a look of the sun coming through the glass, which would make the leading just a sillouette. Obviously I need to rethink
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            I have done some stuff with windows in the past using PSP lights, PS has the same thing, using layers and selections and transparency changes it can be done.
            The old church in the gallery that I did was done in this way. I think PSPs lites are easier to handle than PSs but that's just me.


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              Kind of a Giger does Tiffany's version
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                Checked out al the entries of stained glass and they are super.

                Here are a couple that I've done (Photoimpactv6).
                the geishas are from dingbats

                tom c

                Url troubles (fixed hope)

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                  Wow Tom - those are great! Yes, please share how you created them!



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                    Thanks for viewing and kind remarks.

                    For the Geisha dingsyou can d/l at

                    Url doesnt work.....type in address bar above
                    house of lime
                    look for dings on the left side and then under the gs for geisha

                    One source for glass is

                    There are so many tuts on the subject that mine would be more than can find many here...type in search "stained glass " tuorials

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                      Just like you said - they're actually LETTERS of the alphabet. This is the letter B. These are so cool! Thanks for the link!
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                        I presume you mean, transform in PI. I'll see, but their awful small.


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                          Greg, In order to use the Dings in PS, I first installed the font on my system, then used the text tool in PS and set the text size to be 600 pt (just typed it in) and made sure the "smooth" attribute was set - otherwise it looked really jagged. You could probably make it larger that way, but 600 worked for me. It will be on it's own text layer at this point, so you can either leave it there or flatten it to rasterize it.

                          I had some fun with the "oriental" ding. Used it at 600 as above, found I liked the image at letter "q". Changed the color of the font to be medium gray, then used the emboss layer style to make it look like metal. I didn't have time to figure out how to make it stained glass, so I just ran a kaleidescope. Interesting result - I think I need to research this a little more.

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                            Greg, I assume you actually tried typing a letter? Each letter shows a different image - but you do have to type them. Oh - and make sure that the text box size that you create is big enough for the "letter" - if the point size is larger than the "box" you've created, it won't show up. -Jeanie


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                              I did a very mini tut Fugitive...
                              up to actually applying glass....for thi i suggest you look at several tuts and find one you are comfortable with...


                              I'll try copy paste


                              Don't understand why urls give me a problem ??
                              tried the the http pop up....2 different luck.
                              copy pasted on body no luck

                              now copy paste in script prompt


                              doesn't even look right

                              Fugitive you are on your own!!!!!!!

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