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New to forums or fear starting threads? Pls. read

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  • New to forums or fear starting threads? Pls. read

    A good read from RetouchPRO owner/admin Doug Nelson.


    To reiterate some of Doug's observations: We WELCOME new threads, questions, issues, etc. There are many RP members who are ready and willing to help or advise -- in all forums, not just this one that focuses on manipulation.

    Rookies, newbies and those with little experience take note: There's no shame being at or near the bottom of the learning curve, regardless of the topic of interest. All the "old pros" started at the same place you did: The Beginning.

    So if you're sitting on a question, why not take a leap of faith and start a thread? There's no risk. You won't lose your job -- unless you're at work, posting on company time and get caught! Be assured you won't get bashed, hassled or laughed at like you did at school or perhaps other online venues. We do "respect" well here at RP.

    I believe you will be pleasantly surprised and there's a great chance will learn something.
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