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  • Bob Walden
    Hi all!

    I have the 5.5 Total Training videos and have found them extremly valuable. I have a vcr set up next to my computer and it works out great. Although we are now on to PS 7 80% of the material is still very much useful. Deke does a great job of explaining the technics. I am planning to buy the PS7.0 dvd soon. I'll try a reveiw when I get it.


    PS. My 5.5 videos are for sale. Make me an offer.

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  • Ed_L
    I don't remember the title of the video I borrowed from the library, but it was one of Deke's. This proved to be an excellent way of learning for me, and I think he did an excellent job in the video. If the price of the videos is problematic, a trip to the local library might produce the video for you. It's certainly worth a try.


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  • DannyRaphael
    I found the series to be exceptionally informative and useful. (I viewed the Photoshop 5.0 version.) Since PS is such a visual product, seeing it presented visually (for me) is a great way to learn. If you back that up with a good PS book or two (Deke's Photoshop Bible series includes EVERYTHING presented in the video series + a LOT more.)

    I've seen several "general" PS skills video series: IMHO Dekes is head and shoulders better than the rest. A series I wouldn't recommend is anything by Scott Kelby. On the otherhand, Ben Willmore tapes are very, very good too. They cover and go into more detail on advanced topics than Deke does.

    Don't know if you're into eBay or not, but the Totol Photoshop set I viewed came as a result of winning an auction. Watched the videos 3-4 times and resold them. It was kind of like renting - and very cost effective. This series shows up from time to time on eBay. Here's a link to a
    recent auction as an example.


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  • Blacknight
    Our instructor used it quite a bit in college. It's probably the best self-paced way to learn Photoshop. Deke is very good at what he does, both with Photoshop and the video usage. Good stuff!

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  • DJ Dubovsky
    No I haven't because it was a bit pricey for me but I have followed quite a few Qucik Time tutorials by Deke and he's really good. If you can afford the total training I would say it can only help you. Now whether that help is worth the amount you have to pay, I can't say other than to say he knows what he's doing and has an entertaining way of getting it across to you. Sorry I can't be more help to you.

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  • aginghippie
    started a topic Total Training

    Total Training


    Has anyone used the Photoshop 6 (Deke McClellan) training produced by Total Training?

    Would appreciate any feedback...Thanks!!


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